Civilization, 2014

Sacred Bible Latin American edition, wild red silk, sequins and various haberdashery materials
30 x 23 x 7,5 cm


The encounter of European cultures with the original cultures of America was a clash of habits, beliefs and lifestyles judged as bestial and uncivilized through the European eye.

The Alexandrine Bulls, are three papal bulls of Pope Alexander VI delivered in 1493 which purported to grant overseas territories to the Catholic Monarchs of Spain in order to spread the faith.  The evangelizing mission carried by the conquerors attempted against native beliefs, imposing customs that ended up mutilating their cultures.


Civilization, 2014. Festivity-Slaughter, El Born, 2014. Hand-made suit of lights covering a Latin American Bible.
Civilization, 2014. Detail of the hand-made suit of lights.
Civilization, 2014. Detailed view
Civilization, 2014. View of installation at the Unarmed Land Festival 2016, Barcelona.
Civilization, 2014. Unarmed Land Festival 2016, Barcelona


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