Carnivore, 2016. En Procés 2016, Fabra i Coats. Performance – action in the supermarket Sorli Discau (15’55” loop) / silver panel with ninety packaged labels / re-labelled packaged meat.


Carnivore, 2016. Detail of the installation. Re-labelled packaged meat after the action at Sorli Discau.


Carnivore, 2016. Detail of packaged labels.


Preserve Performance Art, 2016
Preserve Performance Art, 2016


Herbivores, 2016. Detail of the installation.


Herbivores, 2016. Detail of the installation.


Pac-Art, 2016. Detail of backlight.


Four legs good, two legs bad (2016). En Procés, Fabra i Coats. Sound installation. audio 4’33” loop. headphones, removable fixed structure. 47.24 H x 13.77 W x 21.65 in



Plastivores, 2016. Research and art intervention on Haribo’s Gold-Bears.


Plastivores, 2016. [food + happening] Community meal 2017, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona. Home-made baby marshmallows cooked with white, brown and cane sugar.
Happening 2017. Community meal at Fabra i Coats.


Substantial Equivalence, 2016
Substantial Equivalence, 2016. View of the Video installation at Fabra i Coats.