Neon 25 x 70 cm
Le Mat and L’Hermite cards (Tarot de Marseille)
[Hans&Fritz Contemporary, 2017-18 / Seismes, Fabra i Coats 2017]


It’s All True materializes an internal journey of questions towards the light of some answer that, in the moment in which it’s declared, it inevitably becomes a question. This self-reflective work sheds light on duality as the only constructive unit of reality. The only possible affirmation in the work is that all absolutes contain its opposite.


View of the installation, Seismes 2017



Le Mat, Tarot de Marseille



L’Hermite, Tarot de Marseille



View of installation, Seismes – Fabra i Coats



Reflection of installation, Hans & Fritz Contemporary Barcelona



The Little Match Girl, Hans & Fritz Contemporary


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