Memotest – 2015

Memotest, 2015. Estudi Tigomigo, Terrassa, 2016. Acrylic on canvas (20 paintings of 12.59 x 17.32 in), wooden boxes (20 pieces of 14.17 x 18.89 in)

The Catapult I, II / Face to Face I, II / The Surprise I, II / The Flying Mermaid I, II / The Blades of the Mill I, II / The Chandelier I, II / The Horsewoman I, II / The Cart I, II / The Cross I, II  / The Boat in the Water I, II


The Cross I, II. One of the ten Memotest pairs.


Memotest, 2015. View of the painting installation, Estudi Tigomigo, 2016.