Performance at Fabra i Coats + action at Sorli Supermarkets, 15’55”
Installation: transparent polypropylene panel, absorbent fridge paper, 150 prepackaged meat labels in ziploc bags
300 x 100 x 2 cm
Created with the support of Livemedia and Sorli supermarkets
[ YGW III – Escalera de Incendios, 2017 // Fabra i Coats 2016 ]


Carnivore, later renamed DCS1000, was a system implemented by the FBI designed to monitor email and electronic communications. It used a customizable packet sniffer that can monitor all of a target user’s Internet traffic and share this information with the industry in order to develop appropriate standards. Considering current systems of control such as Carnivore or Echelon and taking as a reference Marx’s Theory of Alienation, this project presents the human being as a prepackaged meat product with its functionality, traceability and fixed price per hour.



Location: Fabra i coats, Barcelona.
This real-time performance shows me as a fictional student at MAI, Marina Abramovic Institute, prototype for Hudson, USA. The performance repeats the series of actions guided by Abramovic in order to learn the Abramovic method, recently patented by the artist for the sake of “Preserving Performance Art”.


Location: Sorli Supermarket, La Sagrera., Barcelona.
The intervention consisted of re-labelling prepackaged meat products with the purpose of showing the human species as a commodity. The labels used represent the Orwellian society: Politician, Soldier, Priest, Lawyer, Miner, Engineer, Journalist, Teacher, Official, Artist. The action was performed in the area of refrigerators at Sorli.



The installation consists of ten of prepackaged meat products re-labeled during the action in the supermarket. A silver panel shows 150 prepackaged labels that correspond to the highest paying jobs, the most demanded ones and worst paying jobs in the world today, thus the ones that sustain and perpetuate the working market.


Labels Installation, Young Gallery Weekend 2017


Detail of installation


Installation of 10 packaged professional meat products: Politician, Soldier, Priest, Lawyer, Miner, Engineer, Journalist, Teacher, Official, Artist.


Artist meat


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