Considering current systems of control such as Carnivore and based on Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation, this work shows the human species as packaged meat.

Carnivore was created with the support and collaboration of Livemedia and Sorli Discau supermarkets.

Location: Fabra i coats – Factory of creation.
This real-time performance follows the teachings of the Abramovic Method, patented by the performance artist Marina Abramovic for the sake of “Preserving Performance Art”. The Abramovic Method can only be learned at the MAI Institute located in Hudson, USA. At MAI, all students have to stick to a specific dress code and repeat a series of actions directed by Abramovic. The performance shows me as a fictional student at MAI.

The intervention consisted of re-labelling certain packaged meat products with the purpose of showing the human species as packaged meat. The action was performed in the supermarket Sorli Discau, La Sagrera.

It consists of 10 packaged meat products that were re-labeled during the action in the supermarket to become 10 packaged professional meat products. A panel shows 90 packaged labels that correspond to the highest paying jobs, the most demanded ones and worst paying jobs in the world today, thus the ones sustaining and perpetuating the market system.

“Plastic Artist” re-labelled packaged meat.
Installation of 10 packaged professional meat products: Politician, Soldier, Priest, Lawyer, Miner, Engineer, Journalist, Teacher, Official, Plastic Artist.
Detail of the installation of 90 packaged labels.
View of the panel showing 90 workers packed labels.


Preserve Performance Art, 2016. Fictional MAI student.



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