PAC-ART, 2016

Pac-Art was created based on the video game Pac-Man (TM & @ 1980 1993 NAMCO LTD) // Pac-Art’s cabinet was built based on the design of the classic Arcade cabinets.


Pac-Art is a gamification of how the struggle for power governs relationships between the beings of our species.

On the one hand, this interactive installation shows a version of Saturn by Goya, as a current reflection of the tacit cannibalism that interweaves human relationships. On the other hand, Pac-Art is a version of the popular video game Pac-Man in which both Pac-Man and its characteristic ghosts are artists that can kill or devore each other using the power of intermittent art pills and famous works of art. The goal of the game is to accumulate points, eating as many ghost-artists, art pills and artworks as possible. Participants play the rules of the game competing against each other and themselves, thus becoming part of the dynamics of an increasingly competitive society.

Pac-Art, 2016. Project: Food Chain. Pac-Art’s cabinet was designed and created based on Arcade machine models. Materials: dm wood panels, aluminium, pvc, t-moulding, spray, methacrylate, led panel, 4w loudspeakers, Arcade joystick, Dell monitor. Paintings on side panels: oil on dm wood panels. Door and front panel: laminated adhesive vinyls. Video game: Pac-Art was programmed in Unity 3d. Connection from HP computer. 175 x 65 x 75 cm
1st Pac-Art Championship, 2017. Off-ARCO program, Young Gallery Weekend-Hybrid Fair, Madrid.




1st Pac-Art Champion, Hybrid Fair, Madrid.