Pac-Art – 2016

Pac-Art was created based on the video game Pac-Man (TM & @ 1980 1993 NAMCO LTD).

Pac-Art’s cabinet was built based on the design of the classic Arcade cabinets.

Pac-Art, 2016. Project: Food Chain. Pac-Art’s cabinet was designed and created based on Arcade machine models. Materials: dm wood panels, aluminium, pvc, t-moulding, spray, methacrylate, led panel, 4w loudspeakers, Arcade joystick, Dell monitor. Paintings on side panels: oil on dm wood panels. Door and front panel: laminated adhesive vinyls. Video game: Pac-Art was programmed in Unity 3d. Connection from HP computer. 175 x 65 x 75 cm