In the industry, plastic state refers to the state of plasticity that certain synthetic materials can achieve allowing deformation and molding while offering no resistance. This is the ideal state in the different production processes since the material can be manipulated and adapted to any existing form.

The project Plastic State shows the human body’s ability to achieve this plasticity. In this way, the works show our body as an instrument or manufactured object malleable enough to be molded and adapted into different forms and applications of reality.


Ego, Under Construction (2014-16). Estudi Tigomigo, Terrassa. Portable methacrylate security fence, methacrylate pallet, mirrored polystyrene carpet, mannequin 47.24 H x 78.74 W x 78.74 in


Ego, under construction (2014-16). Reflection of the installation.


Ego, Under Construction. Detail of the installation. Estudi Tigomigo, Terrassa.


Ego, under construction (2014-16). Manipulated polystyrene mirror sheets.


Memotest, 2015. Painting installation, Estudi Tigomigo, 2016. Acrylic on canvas (20 paintings of 12.59 x 17.32 in), wooden boxes (20 pieces of 14.17 x 18.89 in)

The Catapult I, II /Face to Face I, II / The Surprise I, II / The Flying Mermaid I, II / The Chandelier I, II / The Blades of the Mill I, II / The Horsewoman I, II / The Cart I, II / The Cross I, II / The Boat in the Water I, II

The Cross I, II. One of the ten pairs of the visual game.


Memotest, 2015. View of the painting installation, Estudi Tigomigo, 2016.


The Origin of the World Cries I (2013). Oil on canvas, gold enamel on latex gloves, wooden articulated life-size hands. 18.11 x 21.65 in


The Origin of the World Cries II (2016). Oil on canvas. 18.11 x 21.65 in


The Origin of the World Cries II, 2016. Three pairs of latex gloves, red acrylic paint.