Art intervention and installation
Installation: Haribo bear, homemade baby marshmallows, ziploc bags, stickers, helium balloons
Art intervention: sticker on original Haribo Gold-Bear packets.
Variable dimensions
SWAB 2017 – La Trastera / YGW III – Escalera de Incendios, 2017 / Fàbrica de Creació – Fabra i Coats

Plastivores is a research on the contemporary eating behaviors, which mirror the existent gap between eating and feeding. Taken over by the same “principles” of any other business, the food industry massively manufactures edible products that are visually appealing, while nutritionally appalling.

On the one hand, the research camouflages in the HARIBO world through an intervention on its traditional Gold-Bears. On the other hand and as a counter action to the massive production of industrial edibles, I’ve used a family recipe to make homemade baby marshmallows one by one. The recipe allowed me to experiment with different types of sugar (white-sugar, brown sugar and bio cane sugar) in order to test the visually driven choices of the public that ate them.

HAPPENING during the community meal 2017, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona.