SAND WALK / in progress

Performance and a series of four actions
3 min each


« Video imitates not nature, but time »
Nam June Paik

The project Sand Walk consists of a performance and a series of live actions that explore our perception of time. One of the main concerns of the project is to work on the concept of “real time” and the existent gap between the temporalities of reality and virtual temporalities using the image as a measure of duration.

Sand Walk is inspired in Water Walk, a sonorous performance that John Cage made in 1960 for the live television program I’ve Got a Secret. In the same way, Sand Walk is sonorous performance created for live internet, that invites the audience to be an active perceptor of the performance live or a receiver of real-time images of the performance through any device connected to the internet. The present audience will co-create a unique sound composition that integrates their spontaneous sounds to a rhythm of 62 timed actions in a duration of three minutes. Vital instances contained in insignificant durations that perpetuate themselves through audio and image.

Autocrats of the time industry, the technological devices unfold realities, materialize, manipulate, multiply, accumulate, crystallize and use time; while the human being tries to control and count its passing by when their own life goes by.


Pilot 1 / experimental frames