SAND WALK, in progress

Sonorous performance in dialogue with a series of ten live actions
62 actions timed in 3′
[Project selected by the creation residency program of Fabra i Coats, 2018]


«Video imitates not nature, but time»
Nam June Paik


Sand Walk is a multimedia project that integrates performance, installation, video and sonorous experimentation. Each discipline constitutes a different line of research that amalgamate in a sonorous performance and a series of live actions that explore our perception of time. One of the main concerns of the project is to analyze the concept of “real time” and the gap between the temporalities of reality and virtual temporalities using the image and sound as measures of duration.

Sand Walk is inspired by the work Water Walk, a sonorous performance that John Cage did for the live TV show “I’ve Got a Secret”(1960). In the same way, Sand Walk is a sonorous performance created for live Internet. Conceptually speaking, Sand Walk recreates a condensation of life in which each scenic element has both a sonorous and narrative purpose that intend to objectivize time. Thus, each object is at the same time an instrument and a representation of the work implied in loving, creating, growing and subsisting in a constant struggle against being devoured by time.




Studies for the organization and balance between sound and silence, 2018. Sketches, marker and chalk on paper.


Sketch for sheet music






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