SAND WALK, 2018-19 though always in progress

Sound performance in dialogue with a series of ten live actions
Score of 64 actions timed in 3′
[Project selected by the creation residency program of Fabra i Coats, 2018]
[Project selected by the creation residency program of Kovent Zero, 2019]


«Video imitates not nature, but time»
Nam June Paik

Sand Walk is a multimedia project that integrates performance, installation, video livestream and sound experimentation. Each discipline constitutes a line of research to converge in a sound performance that explores our perception of time. One of the main concerns of the project is to analyze the concept of “real time” and the gap between the temporalities of reality and virtual durations using image and sound as units of time.

Sand Walk is inspired by the work Water Walk, a sound performance that John Cage performed for the live TV show “I’ve Got a Secret”(1960). In the same way, Sand Walk is a sound performance created for live Internet in which each scenic element has a sound and narrative purpose that aims to materialize time. Thus, each object functions as an instrument and is, at the same time, a representation of the work involved in loving, creating, growing and surviving in a constant struggle against being devoured by time.


[ Kovent Zero, 2019]

→ Sand Walk’s Score
Sand Walk’s score is inspired in the experimentation of the sounds resulting from experiencing the gestures triggered by everyday life objects in contact with different qualities of sand. This exploration is structured in a formalized and studied performative context, thus allowing an experimental approach in relation to sound, that equally integrates intentional and unintentional sounds to its final composition.

The score is a duration structured in three minutes that are divided in 6 movements of 30’’ each. At the same time, those three minutes structure a series of 64 actions performed at specific points in time, which are controlled by means of a stopwatch. However, these actions produce uncontrolled durations of sounds that create an unpredictable balance between them in live dialogue with the sounds of the environment, spontaneous sounds of the audience and instances of silence.

The score describes actions that will be traduced in sounds by the conjunction and relation of:
> a studied action that activates;
> an every day life object;
> in contact with a specific quality of sand;
> reverberated by a certain surface;
> amplified by contact mics;

See some of the actions of Sand Walk‘s score for Konvent Zero in the video below. The entire performance was live streamed on instagram @konvent_residencia



→ Live Audio Recording
Listen to the final audio recording co-created with the audience present at Open Friday Konvent Zero, 2nd August 2019. See Acknowledgements below*



Camera: Daniel Nicolas
Audio recording: Alex Jacobsen and Daniel Nicolas
Sound technicians: Alex Jacobsen, Daniel Nicolas and Ildefons Alonso
Video and audio edition: Natalia Carminati
Audience: Alex Jacobsen, Alfonso Zamarro, Álvaro Romero, Anna Kell, Anne Dovali, Asesina Suárez, Cecilia Arditto, Daniel Nicolas, Darío Sigco, Enric Ponsa, Helena López, Iaco Viana, Igi Ayedun, Ildefons Alonso, Irene Valiente, Juan Cruz, Leo Paixão, Marc Vilanova, Paula Piedad, Valentina Risi, Yolanda Vega



[Fabra i Coats, 2018]

These images are just a brief insight into the research process of Sand Walk that was tutored by curator Alexandra Laudo . Some of the bibliography studied during the residency include: Silence: Lectures and Writings (John Cage), The Anarchy of Silence (MACBA), Machines to Crystallize Time: Bergson (Maurizzio Lazzarato), Duration and Simultaneity (Henri Bergson). Also, I’ve dissected John Cage’s Water Walk suggesting new interpretations and other ways of materializing our need to control time. Therefore, I’ve worked with the visual and sonorous possibilities of different everyday life objects to create Sand Walk‘s score.



Studies for the organization and balance between sound and silence, 2018. Sketches, marker and chalk on paper.


Sketch for sheet music