Multi-channel video installation, work in progress


The concept Substantial Equivalence holds that the safety of a new food, particularly one that has been genetically modified (GM), may be assessed by comparing it with a similar traditional food that has proven safe in normal use over time. This international regulation approved the consumption of the first genetically modified food, the Flavr Savr tomatoes created by Calgene – a biotech company now owned by Montsanto.

This video installation establishes this relation of substantial equivalence between the life cycle of a GMO tomato crop and the life cycle of IVF human embryos. The installation consists of seven videos that mirror both life cycles as experiments that aim at producing organisms that fit the requirements of a system regulated by the capitalist market and the theory of artificial selection.


Young Gallery Weekend 2017
Substantial Equivalence, 2016
Substantial Equivalence, 2016. View of video installation for sequence I, En Procés 2016, Fabra i Coats.
Studio for sequence I, Substantial Equivalence.
Substantial Equivalence: studio for sequence I on Vimeo.


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