Holy Bible Latin American edition, wild red silk, sequins and various haberdashery materials
30 x 23 x 7,5 cm
[ Espai Angram, Barcelona 2018  /  Piramidón Centre d’Art Contemporani, Barcelona 2018  /  Palau Alòs, Barcelona 2016  /  Festividad-Masacre, Barcelona 2014] 


The work Civilization is part of the project Festivity-Slaughter that utilizes the bullfighting language to denounce cultural imposition and the cemented neo-colonialism in Latin-American countries.

The work consists of a Holy Bible covered in a handmade Suit of Lights symbolizing the clashing of the colonizers against the Native American societies rather than the “encounter” of cultures that is officially taught. This Latin-American edition of the Holy Bible shows that religion indoctrination was one of the main causes of cultural genocide. Supported by the Pope Alexander VI, the Native American cultures were harassed; their beliefs oppressed, their habits condemned, their languages prohibited, their souls executed, their history buried and their culture consigned to oblivion in the name of God.


Civilization, Espai AnGran, 2018.


Piramidón Centre D’Art Contemporani, Barcelona 2018. Photo: María Far


2018_n2, Piramidón Centre D’Art Contemporani. Photo: María Far



Civilization, 2014. Detail of the hand-made suit of lights.


Civilization, 2014. Detailed view


Civilization, Palau Alòs, 2016


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