My work focuses on the development of multimedia projects that explore the nature of perception and the way we decode our environment. Therefore, I ‘m interested in investigating how the mechanisms of invisibility, privatization and deterritorialization operate and configure reality, generating notions of “the normal”. My work is concerned with identifying these physical and mental spaces of normalization that instruct and anesthetize our perception. Thus, my research explores concepts as diverse and related as decolonization and sustainability, as well as the social structure of time and all forms of reality where power and social and cultural control nest.

My projects materialize in the creation of multisensory devices that seek to activate our perceptual processes. These devices are built from a hybrid language that combines installation, video, video games, sound experimentation, painting and sculpture as well as happening and performance to generate a more direct dialogue with the public. My artwork relies on historical memory, appropriation and everyday language to work with elements capable of generating a bond. This bond becomes a stimulus activator, a possibility of experience, a point of tension and encounter from where to dialogue with the public. The works are an act of transformation, reconstruction, resignification and reconfiguration of reality that invite us to relate to our environment with a different view or mind.