Research, collaborative actions, collective publication
[Satélite Food Cultura, Mercat de la Boquería 2017]


Brossa com Eina is a research on the waste generated by La Boqueria Market. The project aims at profiting the underused surplus of Boqueria Market to make visible what’s invisible and rejected by the food production and distribution system. The project establishes a direct relationship with the people involved – locals as well as bystanders – seeking to create a dynamic of resignification and reuse of the waste produced by this unique market of Barcelona.This collaborative project of art interventions was created by Marta Archilés, Juan Pablo Caicedo, Natalia Carminati and Juan David Galindo

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Resources of Boqueria gathers the sellers’ secret recipes to profit the waste produced in their stops.


The best Cookbooks are also homemade!


→ And other popular recipes…


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