JUST FOR 4.25€, 2018

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, 2500 liters of empty bottles of water, iron structure, flexible pvc, golden base
Variable dimensions
[Seismes, Fabra i Coats 2018]

This installation represents a visual reflection on the exploitation of natural resources by the food industry. Thus, the work materializes the emptiness of the 2.500 lts of water consumed in order to produce McDonalds quarter pounder hamburger which is sold for just 4.25€.


Seismes, 2018. Fabra i Coats, Barcelona


2500 liters of empty bottles of water


McDonald’s Quarter Pounder


4.25€ price a consumer pays for McDonald’s Quarter Pounder + 2500 liters of water nobody pays for


Detail of installation at Seismes 2018, Fabra i Coats





Producing 250gr of meats takes up 2500 liters of water of nature

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