JUST FOR 4.25€, 2018

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, purchase ticket, golden base, 2500 liters of empty bottles of water, iron structure, flexible pvc
Variable dimensions
[Seismes, Fabra i Coats 2018]


Just for 4.25€ is a project that meditates on the sustainability of the processes of industrialization of all contemporary productions. The project stems from a collective action proposed to Fabra i Coats’ community and different neighborhood entities of Sant Andreu with the purpose of collecting all the empty bottles of water that were consumed daily during a month. Throughout September 2018, hundreds of bottles of all sizes were gathered. However, this volume amounted to 1500 liters of empty water out of the 2500 liters of water consumed by the food industry to produce a burger of 250gr of meat. In this way, the collective action allows us to dimension the massive and constant exploitation of water that’s never to return to its territory nor is economically compensated.

This action is materialized in a final installation that questions the alarming emptiness regarding sustainability policies and the need to meditate on how we understand natural resources, as well as identify how we relate and coexist with nature through our everyday life decisions.


Seismes, 2018. Fabra i Coats, Barcelona


2500 liters of empty bottles of water


McDonald’s Quarter Pounder


4.25€ price a consumer pays for McDonald’s Quarter Pounder + 2500 liters of water nobody pays for


Detail of installation at Seismes 2018, Fabra i Coats





Producing 250gr of meats takes up 2500 liters of water of nature


Very special thanks to:
Escola Can Fabra, Mercat de Sant Andreu, EBM La Filadora, David Madrazo, Juan Cruz, L’Harmonia, Rufino Sanchez, Flo, Zaris, Alberto Gil Cásedas, Marco Noris, Merce, Katy Riquelme, Santi, Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació

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