Created with Anna Irina Russell
Collective action and installation
Dough for bread and food colorants
[Sâlmon Festival 2018]



Bacchanal SÂLMON< consisted of a laboratory around Paella that was created for the 6th edition of the Salmôn Festival. This paella-party gathered people of all ages in a stage-less shared scene, as if a communal ritual renewing its sacraments around this popular dish. In fact, that’s the soul and spirit of the party: to sit around the paella pan and enjoy the moment while the dish is being cooked. This cooking time moment is until today a reference of the way we used to experience singing and storytelling before the industrialization of culture. For this reason, the Salmôn Festival created a program of activities to explore how the paella experience can be used as a tool for social and scenic research.

Commissioned by the Salmon Festival, Obtaining the right color was created as an action that explores how visual perception influences our eating behaviors. Bread, as the basic food of every diet and faithful companion of each dish, becomes a game of colors and shapes utilizing the very popular Paella colorant Dani. In this way, bread becomes a meeting point in which, without previous indications, the participants of the Paella Laboratory must decide if it is part of the prop or if it is edible, and if so, how it’s distributed. A second element, this time in the form of a game, invites participants to touch, interact and play with the display they are in, experimenting with the visual value of the food and the decision of what is and what is not edible.


Paella Laboratory by Compartir Dona Gustet



Paella Laboratory, Fabra i Coats 2018



Rice ritual



Obtaining the Right Color, 2018. View of the bread installation



Paella with Baccanal bread



Baccanal bread lovers



Edible petanca


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