#SMARTNATURE, in progress

Multimedia installations
Sculpture, audio 1′ loop, video 1′ loop
Variable dimensions
[Mutuo, City Screen – Loop Barcelona 2019]


« What has been is united in a lighting flash with the now proposing a unique experience of encounter in a determined spatio-temporal interval »
Walter Benjamin


#Smarnatutre is a set of site specific installations that integrate sculpture, sound and video to represent natural spaces of a dystopian reality in which the human being lives in the fullness of the simulacrum.

The project stems from a current view of Plato’s myth the Allegory of the Cave in which the human being is so in love with the possibilities offered by virtual representation, that we manage to recreate in the interior space of the cave what was once revealed outside, without ever abandoning that instance of plenitude previous instance to the relief of knowledge. What’s outside is simulated inside, what’s far away is imitated here, the unknown is revealed to us thanks to the renewable processes of reproduction that technology offers us.


#smartnature, 2019. View of the Google vase, sound container. Mutuo, City Screen – Loop Barcelona.








#smartnature, 2019. View of the installation “The Seas and Oceans” at Mutuo for City Screen, LOOP Barcelona 2019.